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Dr. Dagmar Höppel

Dr. Dagmar Höppel, is Executive Director of the Conference of Equal Opportunies Officers at Universities and Academic Institutions in Baden-Württemberg, University of Stuttgart, Germany. Dagmar studied oeconomics and holds a PhD, she is an expert for equal opportunities in higher education and experienced in research projects as well as in implementation of gender-specific equal opportunity measures at universities.

Ekaterina Masetkina

Ekaterina Masetkina is the head of SelmaMeyerMentoring programmes for female early career researchers of the Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf, Germany. SelmaMeyerWISS includes two programmes for German speaking and international doctoral researchers (in German and English languages), SelmaMeyerMED+ is a special mentoring programme for advanced interns and postdocs in medicine, SelmaMeyerPROF supports habilitands to become professors. Ekaterina Masetkina belongs to the Executive Board of eument-net since 2017, since 2019 she is a co-chair of the European Mentoring Network.

Michaela Gindl

Michaela Gindl, co-head of the “Unit for Gender Equality and Gender Studies”, University for Continuing Education, Krems, Austria. Michaela studied sociology, she is an expert for equal opportunities in higher education, experienced in application-oriented research projects as well as in Implementation of gender-specific equal opportunity measures at universities.

Kateřina Maršálková

Kateřina Maršálková, coordinator of the Czech Mentoring programme for early career researchers of the NKC Gender & Science. Kateřina is enrolled at the MA of gender studies, Charles University in Prague. She joined the NKC Gender & Science in April 2019.

Dr. Marcela Linková

Marcela Linková PhD, head of Centre for Gender and Science, Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Chair of the ERAC Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation. Her research focuses on sociology of gendered organizations, research careers, governance of research and research assessment from a gender perspective.

Ana Belén Amil

Ana Belén Amil is the Gender Equality Officer at Central European University (Vienna/Budapest) for the EU-funded project SUPERA (Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia). She is responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of CEU’s first Gender Equality Plan, which aims at diagnosing and correcting gender imbalances in the institution across all constituencies and hierarchical levels. She is trained as a clinical psychologist and holds an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women and Gender Studies.

Dr. Phuong Glaser

Dr. Phuong Glaser is mentoring manager at the Human Resources Dept. Development for Researchers, University of Cologne, and is currently responsible for the “International Female Scholars Mentoring Program”. From 2017 to 2019 she co-created and coordinated the “Career Mentoring – A Program for Scholars at Risk” in a cooperation between the Cologne University and other universities in North-Rhine Westphalia. After about 10 years working in science as a linguist, she has accompanied since 2016 international scholars in career planning in Germany.

Dr. Julie Batut

Dr Julie Batut is a French biologist, researcher at the CNRS, specialised in neurogenesis and the identity and shape of cells during embryonic development. She is a member of the association Femmes & Sciences with which she has developed the mentoring programme for female doctoral students. Since 2017, as part of the doctoral programme at the Centre for Integrative Biology (CBI, Toulouse), she has been coordinating the Femmes & Sciences mentoring programme with two doctoral schools at the Paul Sabatier University. This programme aims in particular to support female doctoral students and to encourage them to build their professional project with the help of their mentors. It also offers them thematic discussion circles and group training as well as seminars and testimonials from more experienced people.

Dr. Izaskun Lacunza

Dr. Izaskun Lacunza, International projects Unit, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). On the one hand, Izaskun coordinates FECYT´s participation in EURAXESS related projects and other international fora fostering the necessary conditions for researchers to fully develop their potential and to have open, diverse, intersectoral, international and interdisciplinary career paths in an open science framework. On the other hand, she coordinates FECYT´s participation in projects supporting European science diplomacy.

Dr. Maria Rosaria Masullo

Dr. Maria Rosaria Masullo, PhD in Physics, Senior Researcher  at INFN unit of Naples, Italy. Maria Rosaria works in particle accelerator field, conducting mainly experimental and numerical studies on particle instabilities and on innovative solutions to mitigate them. Since 2008 active in gender issues, she has been mentor in the pilot GENOVATE mentoring program at University of Naples. In 2018 as president of  the INFN Central Guarantee Committee,  she promoted in her Institute a gender mentoring program for female fellowships and youg researchers. It has been the first program in a research institute in Italy. A new INFN program will start in 2020.