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eument-net guideline manual

Establishing Mentoring in Europe. Strategies for the promotion of women academics and researchers
Ed.: eument-net, Fribourg 2008, ISBN 978-2-9700611-0-6

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The guideline manual is a major tool for the transfer of knowledge and experience using mentoring as a measure to promote women in academia and research. It is based upon a comparison between four existing mentoring programmes at universities in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

The manual also provides a basis for transferring expert knowledge on mentoring to countries where there is as yet no mentoring scheme, as demonstrated in the example of Bulgaria.

It provides examples of best practice in how to design, implement, and prepare the ground for mentoring programmes under specific conditions at local, regional, and national levels.

Mentoring for Change

Mentoring for change. A focus on mentors and their role in advancing gender equality
Ed.: eument-net, Fribourg 2011, ISBN 978-2-9700611-2-0

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This publication is based on the eument-net workshop on “Mentor training and coaching” held in 2010. Contributions provide insight how mentoring programmes can enhance their effectiveness in empowering the individual mentee while also fostering organisational change through an increased focus on mentors. They show how academic mentoring programmes conceive a mentor’s role and how the understanding of this role can be increased and developed. Contributions also discuss experiences with different kinds of training for mentors.

Eument-net 2nd international workshop

Sustainability and advancement of mentoring-programmes in the context of structural change

Eument-net second international workshop hosted at the LMU Center for Advanced Studies

8. – 9. Oktober 2012

University structures are changing throughout Europe. Staff development and organizational change could possibly foster the equal participation of women in all hierarchical positions. Which contribution can mentoring-programmes make here and which forms of cooperation with other protagonists have to be installed or deepened?

The eument-net workshop provides a unique opportunity for coordinators of mentoring programmes and specialists in staff development to discuss and share their experience in order to enhance their programmes’ or institutions’ range of services and programmes.


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