Ekaterina Masetkina, DE

Head of mentoring programs for women in science

Chair of European Mentoring Network eument-net

Ekaterina Masetkina M.A. is passionate about empowering of female early career researchers and is in charge of several mentoring programs for women in science at Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf (HHUD). Under her supervision, four various mentoring groups for different academic target groups are regularly running at HHUD: for female doctoral researchers, for medical interns and for advanced postdocs in German language and a special group for international doctoral and early career postdocs Women in Science & Society (WISS) in English language: https://mentoring.hhu.de/en

Ekaterina has a Master of Arts in European Culture and Economy and works in the Central Gender Equality Office of HHUD. She is keen on improving the gender balance at her university and is involved in events enhancing visibility of female researchers. Ekaterina evaluates the mentoring programs and participates systematically at the international conferences on gender equality in high education. Ekaterina is a regular member of the German professional association Forum Mentoring in Science and Gender Consulting Network. Since 2019, Ekaterina has been acting as a chairperson of the professional network of mentoring coordinators eument-net (European Network of Mentoring Programs for the Advancement of Equal Opportunities and Cultural and Institutional Change in Academia and Research https://www.eument-net.eu/).

Central Gender Equality Office of Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf

University Str. 1, 40225 Dusseldorf, Germany

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