With courage to professorship – 25 years of MuT mentoring

Ekaterina Masetkina, Dr. Dorett Schneider, Dr. Dagmar Hoeppel, Michaela Gindl, Dr. Christina Kurmeyer

Since 1998, the MuT mentoring program of Stuttgart (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany) has been supporting female scientists on their way to professorship. During this time, a considerable mentoring network has been built up and countless success stories of professorships among mentees have been celebrated. Current statistics and personal reports show, how important the mentoring program for women in science continues to be.

Over the past 25 years, Dagmar Hoeppel, the initiator of MuT mentoring and distinguished Vice President of eument-net, has not only paved the way for gender equality in academia in Germany, but has also set standards as a pioneer at the European level. Her vision and commitment to equal chances have not only crossed borders, but also paved the way for other ground-breaking initiatives, such as European Mentoring Network, eument-net. The European cooperation in the field of mentoring, which Dagmar Hoeppel has driven forward, is a shining example of her ability to think beyond national borders and connect people. Building networks, transferring knowledge and promoting mutual understanding have always been central elements of her work. Dagmar´s sound scientific findings in mentoring and gender equality have not only laid the foundation for the development of guidelines and programs, but have also contributed to the global discussion on equality and inclusion.

Eument-net would like to extend the heartfelt congratulations to the eldest mentoring for female scientists in Germany and to thank everyone, who contributed to the success of this program. As one of the first programs of its kind Germany-wide, the MuT mentoring program for female scientists in Stuttgart has made an important contribution to the advancement of women in science. It has supported women in developing their talents, achieving their goals and overcoming obstacles.

Eument-net wishes our member MuT program continued success on your journey. May MuT mentoring encourage the next generations of female scientists and continue to be an inspiring role model for other countries and universities!

Anniversary celebration on December 8, 2023: Ekaterina Masetkina, Dr. Dorett Schneider, Dr. Dagmar Hoeppel, Michaela Gindl, Dr. Christina Kurmeyer (left to right)