Expert Exchange 2024: How to establish an inclusive mentoring relationship

Cover of Nature Biology, Vol. 41. December 2023.

On June, 12 at 10:30-12:00  Dr. Julie Batut (Universite Toulouse, FR) gives a talk on how to establish an inclusive and operational mentor-mentee relationship using the tools of collective intelligence. Mentoring plays a crucial role in personal and professional development, providing support and knowledge transfer between experienced mentors and people seeking to grow. Establishing a mentor-mentee relationship requires a shared understanding of the principles of mentoring and a solid foundation of trust and communication. A practical one-day workshop has therefore been created to build this relationship collectively. The tools used help to build bridges between people and clarify the needs, rights and duties of each person in the interests of an inclusive and active science.

You can find more information about Dr. Julie Batut HERE!

The talk is based on the publication:

Foncy, J., Kwapisz, M., Knibiehler, M. & Batut Jl. Collectively building a mentor–mentee relationship through a one-day workshop. Nat Biotechnol 41, 1829–1833 (2023).

Please apply to participate for free till June 11, 2024:

You are welcome to invite your interested colleagues to the meeting.