Dr. Julie Batut

Julie Batut, CNRS researcher, Coordinator of the Femmes & Sciences CBI PhD Programme mentoring programme, Head of the Multimodal Modelling of Organ Development team, MCD, Toulouse, eument-net member.

Julie Batut joined the CNRS in 2008 as a researcher in Developmental Biology. Since 2023, she has led a multidisciplinary research team at the Toulouse Centre for Integrative Biology, using mathematical modelling, the zebrafish embryo, imaging and data learning to understand organ formation. She is deeply committed to developing and transmitting inclusive, multidisciplinary science. In conjunction with her scientific career, she is extremely committed to promoting research and the place of women scientists via Femmes & Sciences, Les Chemins Buissonniers and Les Maths en Scène. Since 2017, she has been coordinating the mentoring programme for female PhD students in Toulouse with the Femmes & Sciences association and the CBI phD programme. This programme involves 30 mentor-mentee pairs each year.

Links : https://cbi-toulouse.fr/fr/equipe-batut



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