Eileen Drew, IRL

Title: Meeting the Challenges and Providing the Winning Strategies for Structural Change for Gender Equality

Eileen Drew is the former Director of the Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland where she lectured in the School of Computer Science and Statistics and the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies. Her research interests are: gender and the labour market, equality and diversity, work/life balance, family leave policies and gender in entrepreneurship and academic leadership.    Professor Drew played an instrumental role in driving the Athena SWAN initiative in Trinity College, following the successful completion of the INstitutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality (INTEGER) Project in June 2015. She was Coordinator of the Systemic Action for Gender Equality (SAGE) Horizon 2020 Project, 2016-2019. She is the author of numerous academic works. Her latest book The Gender Sensitive University: A contradiction in terms was published by Routledge in 2021.

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