PhD. Claudia Berghezan

Harrasment in higher education: an endemic problem?

As a graduate of the Babes Bolyai Faculty of Law in Cluj Napoca, Claudia Cristina Berghezan-Gyarmath holds a PhD in Law, Faculty of Law from the University of Salamanca, Spain, with the theme The principle of equality and non-discrimination in labor law in the European Union.

Currently she holds the leadership and coordination of the Professional Association of Experts in Equal Oportunities in Romania and she is a Trainer of the course Expert in Equal Opportunities.

Through her activity as a Counselor in Equal Opportunities and Psychological Harassment at Work she promotes a positive policy that inspires and supports both the organizations/ institutions and the employees/students/teachers in developing a common source of productivity based on equality, tolerance or any form of discrimination or violence and diversity.

With a great power of adaptation, she can easily face different challenges, accumulating during the years of work and research.Testimony is her research work, found both in her book published in Salamanca, Spain, entitled The Treaty of Amsterdam and equal opportunities in the labor market in the European Union, and in articles written in the field of equality and non-discrimination.

She strongly believes in creating a management system based on tolerance, respect, diversity and the inclusion of all internal and external factors, which, implemented with positive information and education measures can increase the level of performance of any organization/ university/ institution.


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