Eument-net Online Expert Meeting on November, 8th 2021

eument-net carried out the international digital expert exchange on evaluation of mentoring programmes for the eument-net members and all other interested mentoring experts. The meeting took place on November, 8th, 2021 from 9 AM till 3 PM. More than 50 representatives from ten countries participated in the conference with three keynote speaches (Dr. Elizabeth Pollitzer from UK, Dr. Anke Lipinsky from Germany and Dr. Angela Wroblewski from Austria). After the lunch there were vivid discussions in the mutual learning groups on external and internal evaluations as well as in the open space breakout room „evaluation – lessones learned“.

Evaluation of Mentoring Programmes – Learnings for the Future”

Keynote speakers

Dr. Elizabeth Pollitzer, Portia (UK): Gender Equality Measures in Academia: Needs and Challenges (EU policy perspective)

Dr. Anke Lipinsky, GESIS (Germany): Evaluating Gender Equality Interventions – an Overview of ‘Why’ and ‘How’

Dr. Angela Wroblewski, IHS (Austria): Effective mentoring through monitoring and internal evaluation

Facilitator: Dr. Ruth Kamm, University Kiel.

Detailed programme of the conference.

Thank you for being with us this time and see you at the next eument-net conference!